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 Moderator Position

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PostSubject: Moderator Position   Sat May 26, 2012 2:12 pm

In-Game Name; Jimmy

In-Game Level; 25? i think

Reason why you should be Promoted; I am applying to be a moderator because i would love to be apart of the team as the server grows, i take my job seriously but i am also chill and not 100% Strict, i'm not "Powerhungry" Lol, i like helping new players out and showing them around if needed, i know all the rules etc..

What can you do to help the server;

How often do you play; I will be able to play everyday

How many hours a day do you play; Minimum of 5hours a day

Are you active; Yes, Very

List the skills you have;
Moderation Skills
Server Development
Mapping (I don't like it that much)
Player Helper
Web Developer

Experience; I have been a moderator on multiple servers, one of them being Fallen Evolution, I am also a moderator on 4 forums currently(If that even matters), I can show proof aswell if needed.

Other; i would write up a big long application but my hand is currently broken so i am typing with one hand/1 finger on other hand Razz, so if you guys have any further questions just let me know, most of you have me on msn so yeah Smile, i would be happy to serve as a moderator on oxyda online, however if you guys do not feel that im fit for the job i respect that aswell, thank you for taking your time to read my application! Smile

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Game Master

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PostSubject: Re: Moderator Position   Sat May 26, 2012 3:06 pm

that doesn't look like the application format Surprised

weres the list of skills

try the server!!
Quote :
Server Name : Oxyda Online
Server Web : http://worldstareo.weebly.com/
Server IP :

statue :
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PostSubject: Re: Moderator Position   Sat May 26, 2012 4:37 pm

Sorry Razz Updated with the appropriate format.
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PostSubject: i want to be admin   Fri Jun 08, 2012 2:20 am

my name on the sever is progamer my lvl is 10 and im sure if im admin ill lvl up lol! reason why i want to be a admin is because im sure u need help around the sever i can help bye if someone is abuseing someone ill do what i have to do to keep it safe araound the sever i play everday for about 6 hours yes im very active and i play soccer i wrestle and i play baseketball Basketball
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PostSubject: Re: Moderator Position   

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Moderator Position
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