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 Idea's for new Weapons

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PostSubject: Idea's for new Weapons   Fri May 25, 2012 2:45 pm

Idea's for Beginners: craftable rings/bracelets (Bronze Ring/Bronze Bracelet) which culd require like, 2 goats horn + 2 piggy's. Craftable weapon (Bionic Dagger) which culd require 10 goats horns + 5 piggy's. Craftable bracers (Cloth bracer) which culd require 1 peasant suit female and male.

Idea's for Intermediates: New craftable armours (making 1 armour focus more on def/HP) (1 that focuses more on evade/acc) (and 1 that is more designed for brute strength) Also new craftable weapons (1 that focuses on the power of the weapon) (1 that has added defence+hp) (and 1 designed for acc/evade). And 1 that is designed for magic (this culd be an AOE weapon that is weak with a low magic range)

Idea's for Experts: Craftle armours jst like intermediates (1 that focuses on more def/hp) (1 that focuses on evade/acc) (and 1 that focuses on brute str) These armours culd be marked as lore or lvl restricted. An AOE weapon that is crafted based on a really hard and long quest. Giving it medium magic range. A new boss such as a Sea Serphant (i thinks theres too many lava based boss's) that drops a good amount of gold, maby a new armour/weapon/rings,bracelets,bracers. And a very very rare drop of sumthing useful in making the AOE weapon.

(if yu choose to use AOE weapons, i think it be best to stick with 2 of them, 1 that is kinda of easy to get with low damage, and low magic range, and 1 that is very very very very hard to get, with medium magic range, and 1 of the 'stronger' weapons.)

These are jst idea's that i feel culd improve and attract new players.
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Idea's for new Weapons
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