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 New Ideas for server

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PostSubject: New Ideas for server   Thu Jan 05, 2012 5:16 pm

Hi people have been saying they are getting bored so I been brain storming some ideas to make server more fun such as (old apo for knob hero fladdy drops) (new apo for devil drops) (HH with all floors and AW with aw quest) <--- would add alot of time and dedication for AW quest and have AW's drop a custom item such as "Iron chef" make it give 50+ all stats or something or even make aw drop some new custom scav with some good stats or something (Bone spider for male and female de drops) (BARBARIANS) So I can get scrolls and 2 ears so I can craft my danm ancient boots D: lol! I understand mapping and making all this happen could take time I'm not asking for It to happen right away just some ideas Smile cheers
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New Ideas for server
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